Lake Ruth

Spectre Folk, Listening Center

Ages 21+
Lake Ruth • Spectre Folk • Listening Center

listening center-

Listening Center is the solo electronic music project of David Mason. Seeking to explore both

the warmth and chilliness of analogue synthesis, he has released music with labels such as Ghost Box, Polytechnic Youth, A Year in the Country and Temporary Tapes.

“…evocative, memorable long-form melodic evolutions that slot neatly between the questing expansiveness of 70s electronic music and the economic precision of 1981-era synthpop.” (Electronic Sound magazine)

spectre folk (members of Magik Markers, Pavement, Sonic Youth, the Make Up, etc)

lake ruth

Bio: NYC’s Lake Ruth was formed in 2015 by multi-instrumentalist Hewson Chen of The New Lines, drummer Matt Schulz (Holy Fuck, Enon, SAVAK) and vocalist Allison Brice, (The Eighteenth Day of May, The Silver Abduction). Their expanded live line-up includes René Dennis (The New Lines) and David Mason (Listening Center).

Inspired by 1960’s sonic experimentation, baroque psychedelia, library obscurities, vintage pop noir, Giallo soundtracks, kraut, and jazz, Lake Ruth creates intriguing and unique music rich with multilayered instrumentation, propulsive rhythms and atmospheric vocals.

Over the past 5 years, Lake Ruth has released two critically acclaimed albums – Actual Entity (2016) and Birds of America (2018), plus EP “Intervention, Displacement and Return” (2017) and numerous singles, including their latest 7″ for Slumberland Records “Extended Leave” / Strange Interiors” (2019). Their next 10″ EP “Crying Everyone Else’s Tears” will be released by German label KUS on February 28th, 2020.

DJ: Kristi Scarvelis (Auramics)

Kristi Scarvelis is a singer-musician based in New York City. Front woman of Auramics, the psychedelic, radiophonic, hauntology, musique concrète, NYC/LA music group, and other projects using analog synths, vintage sound generators, organs, tape machines, cut-up collage and field recordings, Scarvelis works in different mediums as a creative art director, designer and filmmaker.

Scarvelis will be sharing her treasured Library Music records, along with Giallo Soundtracks, Early Electronics, Musique Concrète, Lounge, Psych, and other obscure vinyl from all parts of the globe. Library Music, the mysterious genre, sought-after by collectors as deeply influential, otherwise known as production music or stock music, is music used for Film & TV. It’s golden age was in the 60s, 70s, to the early 80s. Scarvelis, is very much inspired by these special gems and other delights, she’s unearthing from her trunk.

Venue Information:
Union Pool
484 Union ave.
Brooklyn, NY, 11211