Oxenfree Record Release

Oxenfree Record Release

Vassals, The Royal They

Thu, October 12, 2017

8:00 pm

Union Pool

Brooklyn, NY


This event is 21 and over

“OxenFree’s music, which juxtaposes poppy melodies and precise, hefty guitar work, seemed to mirror the subject matters at hand.” — Consequences of Sound

“…To whet your whistle, here’s a track from it which we are happy to premiere. “Fine Dining” is an echoing guitar jam, circling around jangling riffs that sound like a somewhat more aggressive War on Drugs.” — KCRW

“The new video from Brooklyn’s OxenFree is 4 parts amusing, 1 part unsettling and 2 parts confusing (in a good way). As the main character drifts off to sleep after feeding his goldfish, we enter into the fish’s lovelorn fantasies wherein the two are very happily dating. Adorable coupling ensues, and we’re left feeling enchanted (albeit still a little creeped out) for the happy duo. The backing track for the video, “Captain”, is equally whimsical and fun, as buoyant harmonies and upbeat piano and guitar float below the slightly gritty vocals of Jeff Doyle.” — The Wild Honey Pie

“It is getting hot and humid and New York and I am getting careless. Strange how OxenFree was able to to capture that exact mood in their forthcoming EP Fire, If We’re Anything despite recording in the New York wintertime. Maybe it is the brass on “Signal Fire,” or the imagery of “Make Out,” but this release says everything you need to think, feel and know about connection in this moment. Streaming this preview will pull you deeper into the present than you knew was possible, or your money back.” — No Fear Of Pop

“Brooklyn indie group, Oxen Free, have just released their debut EP, ‘Fire, If We’re Anything.’ It’s a collection of three tracks of unabashed guitar drenched indie rock. Their sound shares similarities to early Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene it’s sense carefully controlled chaos as each of the tracks houses a warm indie pop track wrapped in fuzz, pounding drums and swirls of vocal harmonies. “Virginia Pine” is an exercise in dynamics, softly coying one minute before exploding into triumphant bursts the next. “Make Out” is a peppy love letter to whiskey, hook ups and all the finer parts of slowly getting older. “Signal Fire” closes the record as a three minute rallying call. Each of these tracks and the Oxen Free sound is very hugely epic in a humble way, and this EP is a great intro to the band.” — Kick Kick Snare
Vassals formed in Brooklyn in the summer of 2011 and quickly found a home in the roving New York DIY scene. The trio began as an effort to expand upon the lofi bedroom recordings of singer/bassist Shay Spence. With the added creativity and energy of Jon Smith (drums) and Jeff Fettig (guitar), the hushed, simple demos became high fraught songs of blown-out fuzz and dark pulsing rhythm. As the band began to play around NYC, they soon became known for their feral, cathartic live show. Vassals released their debut album In My Dreams I Am A Sailor in 2012 and a festively sarcastic holiday EP in 2015. The band went back into the studio to record their latest effort, Halogen Days, a darker 4 song EP released in April of 2017 that “brings to mind throwback 90s outfits along the lines of Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement, and (most importantly) is utterly infectious.” —All Things Go
The Royal They
“…a collection of fearless explorations from a band that knows exactly who they are…. imagine the explosively melodic quarter-life pop-punk of Chumped crossed with the complex post-hardcore rhythm bombs of Fugazi, and you’re in the ballpark DIY space.” – Stereogum

“The self-titled record is a brilliant emotional wreck: a cutting, confrontational, and connected collection with fast-paced mood swings and refreshing hooks. Tapped into what sounds like Nirvana B-sides, The Pixies’ stop-start style, and just a hint of Alanis Morissette’s mid-nineties angsty trill, Michelle Hutt, Darrell Dumas, and Rick Martinez remind us why post-punk is a genre still worth listening to.” – Feeding Ears

“Brooklyn trio The Royal They find comfort somewhere between 90’s influenced post-punk and modern pop-punk territory. It’s an intersection rarely crossed, but with enough finesse, The Royal They pull it off… well, royally.” – Post Trash
Venue Information:
Union Pool
484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Now open OUTDOORS 4pm-12am daily!
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