“Dirty Pets” Presents Dirty Fences Record Release

Dino Boys, Birdcloud, Liquor Store

Fri, April 8, 2016

8:00 pm

Union Pool

Brooklyn, NY

$10.00 – $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Dino Boys
Birdcloud is Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green, a pair who met in a place called Murfreesboro and who, since 2009, have used things like booze and sacrilege to make very modern country music. The duo write songs about what Sarah Palin deemed “the real America,” that unsung republic of countrified interstices stretching from coast to coast between cities. Kaset and Green’s America is a nation of indulgent reprobates and boastful imbeciles, laughing maniacs and horny high school dropouts— the desperate, absurd place we all inhabit in one way or another. The band’s music is the ravenous id of today’s commercial country sound, and in place of the pandering and polished banality of Nashville’s Music Row is a savagely honest depiction of “real Americans,” where a teenage evangelical designates her vagina (alone among her orifices) to Christ; a Desert Storm veteran dispenses ancient wisdom while driving drunk and toppling birdbaths in the suburbs; a coked up blackout drunk on a spree fellates a rodeo clown and tells her friend’s children that Santa doesn’t exist. These characters are characters in both senses of the word: 1) eccentrics with notoriously outsized personalities, as well as 2) complexly three-dimensional literary creations. The complicated sensation of listening to Birdcloud’s music—the simultaneous urge to laugh, vomit, and maybe break down and cry a little at how familiar and sad and true it all is—has won the band fans across the lower 48, stupefying and sickening audiences in equal measure.

Boasting a strong YouTube presence, Birdcloud’s un-unseeable videos resonate beyond the continental U.S., with a slew of fan-versions of songs available online as well as an odd amount of unauthorized re-releases of official Birdcloud videos with Russian subtitles. Birdcloud’s third and darkest EP was released in spring of 2014, and their follow-up record will launch in the summer of 2015.
Liquor Store
Yeah Buddy. Two words that might mean nothing to some, but for true believers of righteous American style living, two words that signify a call to arms, a rallying cry of affirmation to all who crave the finest things in life: free pizza, cold beer and lovely ladies. That “Yeah Buddy” was also the title of Liquor Store’s critically acclaimed debut LP is certainly no coincidence. There is no band operating today that epitomizes those cornerstones upon which all great rock’n’roll is built, no band more ready to haul the half-dead carcass of American rock music upon its shoulders and carry it through the warzone that is 2013’s “music scene” than Northern New Jersey’s finest export, the mighty Liquor Store.

To list the band’s credentials is simply giving you a rundown of some of the finest acts of the past decade’s rock underground – Home Blitz, VCR, Livefastdie, Terrible Twos, Titus Andronicus, to name a few – but Liquor Store are more than a mere underground band. They’re taking guitar music out of the garages, basements and bedrooms and are bringing it back to street level, back to the people and, if there is any justice or sanity left in these scary times, back to the arenas where it belongs. Liquor Store are packing as many guitars on stage, writing as many tough and hooky anthems and shotgunning as many beers as they possibly can in order to serve the masses what they rightfully deserve and honestly need. Just like The Dictators, Blue Oyster Cult and Van Halen did before them, Liquor Store are here to deliver the hot rock’n’roll injection all red-blooded American souls crave.

With their second LP, “In the Garden”, already in the can and being readied for release by NYC’s Almost Ready Records, Liquor Store sit at the precipice of rock’n’roll legend, ready and waiting to carve out their place in the hall of fame and do their duty as the Next Big Thing. Their previous hit records, sold-out shows, festival appearances and Vice magazine features were prologue, the beginning stage for what is coming. Notify ATP, Coachella, Spin and Rolling Stone (and the Rolling Stones themselves) that Liquor Store are here, in the now, and ready to fight, party and play their way across the country and into history. I believe it was Mr. Handsome Dick Manitoba himself who once asked the question “Who will save rock’n’roll?” After years of pretenders and coulda-been-contenders we have finally have the answer: LIQUOR STORE. YEAH BUDDY.
Venue Information:
Union Pool
484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211