Union Pool Employee Fund




Union Pool has been open 7 days a week for almost 20 years. We pride ourselves on being a neighborhood bar with friends from around the world. We’re a place where people come together in times of celebration, but we are also a place of comfort during tough times. Not being able to provide this gathering place now is heartbreaking for all of us at Union Pool. I’m often asked what has allowed Union Pool to last for so long, and why it’s still as cherished as ever. There’s only one possible answer. It’s our people, the family of Union Pool. The bartenders, barbacks, soundpeople, porters, DJs, ticketbooth operators, door people, booking agents and bar managers are all integral to the operation of Union Pool and find themselves suddenly without an income. The richness of the community that revolves around Union Pool is what has always made it special. Please help us keep this team together through this uncertain time. Help us to ensure that it’s this group of people that is welcoming you back once we open our doors again. If we have ever bought you a drink, played your favorite song, snuck you into a sold out show, hosted your wedding, helped with your fundraiser, put you safely in a cab home, then please consider a donation today. And if you have ever played on our stage, seen a great show, kissed in our photo booth, danced ’til the sun came up, been the last to leave or the first to arrive, been cut-off or kicked out, then you are part of our family too. Come through for us now, and here’s how we can repay you…  HIGH ROLLER The highest total donation will receive guest list for ALL shows at Union Pool for one year! LEGACY STATUS $500 and over and we will put your name in brass on a barstool at the bar! That’s right, legacy status, your very own barstool at Union Pool LIFEGUARD $100 gets you a “Union Pool Lifeguard” T-shirt More prizes to come, keep an eye on our instagram  In health and gratitude, Zeb and the Union Pool family