Matt Evans *Album Release* • Anastasia Clarke • Boio

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Matt Evans *Album Release* • Anastasia Clarke • Boio

Matt Evans *Album Release* • Anastasia Clarke • Boio

Matt Evans is a percussionist / composer who’s been passionately listening to air conditioning units for as long as he can remember. Since moving to Brooklyn in 2012, he has maintained numerous musical projects, working in cross-disciplinary contexts, playing in bands, performing with new music ensembles, and producing performances that integrate music and physicality. As a composer, his work strives to capture the inexpressible absurdity of supermassive phenomenon (e.g. “global warming” or “the internet”) with a specific interest in the power of the human individual within these circumstances. Matt performs, records and co-leads collaborative projects with Tigue, Bearthoven, and Private Elevators while performing and recording solo material under his own name. He has released recordings with New Amsterdam Records, NNA Tapes, Thrill Jockey, Cantaloupe Music and Perfect Wave.

Celebrating the release of New Topographics (via Whatever’s Clever), an aqueous collection of drum driven, ambient adjacent, hypnotic soundscapes that radiate from a liminal zone between the physical and the digital. Following an impulse toward percussive abstraction, Matt Evans (Tigue, Bearthoven, Man Forever) collages the sounds of writing, typing, morse code and others— swirling sonic byproducts from our communication systems— with percussive improvisations and synthesized “creatures” to trace imagined landscapes in a sea of noise. Synthetics and acoustics cross currents, unifying rubbery harmonies, wandering melodies, and incidental noises into a dreamy cybernetic ecology.

“For me, there’s a link between these sonic byproducts and human empathy— a gateway towards a greater conversation on what it means to live the paradox of complicitness— a guide to re-focusing how we understand the consequences of our actions by way of sound. The first step toward any significant change in our behaviour is becoming aware of the object like significance of our actions. Making this record has been a way of tuning my ears to this phenomenon.”


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Union Pool
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Brooklyn, NY, 11211