Norman Westberg  (of Swans, Foetus, Heroine Sheiks)

Record release for ‘after vacation’

Norman Westberg (of Swans, Foetus, Heroine Sheiks)

Kizys/Wright, Laura Ortman, Douglas Graham

Wed, July 18, 2018

8:00 pm

Union Pool

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

Norman Westberg (of Swans, Foetus, Heroine Sheiks)
Norman Westberg  (of Swans, Foetus, Heroine Sheiks)
Norman Westberg (Swans, Foetus, Heroine Sheiks) will be performing a solo set to celebrate his latest vinyl release, After Vacation’ on the Room 40 record label.
Best known for his work with the seminal outfit SWANS, Westberg’s output beyond that group is sprawling and restless. His name recurs and ripples through many interconnected micro-histories surrounding New York City’s music and art scenes. From appearances in film works associated with the Cinema Of Transgression, through to his participation in bands such as The Heroine Sheiks and Five Dollar Priest, Westberg’s name is woven deeply into the fabric of New York over the past three decades.

A note from Lawrence English
“Norman Westberg’s guitar playing with SWANS has influence a generation of musicians across genres. I can personally attest to how his particular approaches to that instrument, in creating both harmony and brute force, have challenged and ultimately influenced my own sonic preoccupations.

What Norman has created with his solo works is an echoing universe of deep texture and harmonic intensity. His solo compositions generate an affecting quality that drives the listener towards reductive transcendence.

His guitar, as singular source, becomes transformed through a web of outboard processes. He transforms vibrating strings completely, taking singular gesture and reshapes it through webs of delay, reverb and other treatments. To me, these works echo many of the concerns of American minimalism and sprawl outward together with the work of bands such as Stars Of The Lid. Norman has created a very dense and powerful statement of intent with these recordings and I couldn’t be more pleased to have some small part in helping to share them.”
Laura Ortman
Laura Ortman
Laura Ortman (White Mountain Apache) plays violin, Apache violin, piano, electric guitar and megaphone. She was a member of New York’s genre-bending bands Stars Like Fleas and The Dust Dive. Her solo album Someday We’ll Be Together was named RPM: Indigenous Music Culture’s “10 Most Influential Indigenous Album’s of 2011” and her video for I Lost My Shadow (dir. by Nanobah Becker) won “Best Music Video” at imagineNative 2011. She received the Common Ground Award for founding the Coast Orchestra, the all-Native American orchestra which premiered to sold-out audiences in Washington, D.C. and in New York City. Alongside her solo career, she is continually collaborating with other artists, filmmakers and musicians (including Tony Conrad, Martha Colburn, Jock Soto, Nanobah Becker and Raven Chacon.)
Venue Information:
Union Pool
484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Reopening Spring 2021!
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