A Shadow of Jaguar (record release)

A Shadow of Jaguar (record release)

The Boobies, Them Fangs

Sat, October 28, 2017

3:00 pm

Union Pool

Brooklyn, NY


A Shadow of Jaguar
A Shadow of Jaguar
A Shadow of Jaguar is a rock and roll duo from Boulder, Colorado. Formed in early 2015, the two share a common foundation of rock, blues, and soul. The band immediately hit the ground running. Within weeks the pair had begun writing and recording original material while rocking audiences at shows throughout the country. ASOJ’s first single, Mama Needs the Bottle, was recorded in the Spring of 2015 and released later that year, along with the music video, which was filmed during the band’s debut in New York City.
The duo is fronted by Brian Hubbert, known as the soulful lead singer of one of Colorado’s most exciting and prominent acts, Cold River City. In A Shadow of Jaguar, Hubbert’s homemade slide guitar fills their sound with a monstrous tone. His playing is dripping with blues and exploding in flurries of energy. Drummer Andrew Oakley provides the backbone for the duo. After making a name for himself in the successful Boulder rock outfit, West Water Outlaws, Oakley went searching for a new musical identity. This was quickly found in the form of the stripped down, raw, energetic sound of ASOJ. His high energy drumming gives the band a heavy rock edge and a deep groove. Together, the chemistry between Hubbert and Oakley is undeniable. Their sets are a combination of original songs and improvisation, making every show unique. A Shadow of Jaguar is gaining a reputation as an energetic live band, leaving it all on the stage night after night.
The Boobies
The Boobies
Picture the color periwinkle blue spray
painted by a Ramone, add blistering
vocals with traces of Southern soul, and
a David Byrne sense of showmanship
and you get the boobies. With half the band
hailing from North Carolina, and the other
half from Texas, these fetching Southern
boys came together to form a garage-
pop four-peice with some serious teeth.
Equipped with surf-rock inspired riffs, slick
lyrics, and savage attitude, the boobies are
set to tear venues apart.
Them Fangs
Them Fangs
Venue Information:
Union Pool
484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Now open OUTDOORS 4pm-12am daily!
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