Black Black Black Album Release

Polygamyst, Blackest

Thu, April 7, 2016

8:00 pm

Union Pool

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

Black Black Black
With “a jagged aesthetic somewhere between noise, sludge and heavy rock,” Black Black Black unites bright, driving hooks with morbid lyrics referencing Manson, pills, and self-mutilation.

Stripped-down, psyched-out desert rock meets big-city darkness, in Altered States of Death and Grace’s ten perfect gems of driving rock n’ roll. Hip-shaking stomps and soaring hooks propel morbidly poetic songs about pills, decay, self-mutilation, Satanism, and other horror-flick delights, bearing titles like “Let’s Bloodlet” and “Exorcist Everything.” It is a clash of desert and city, light and dark, sweet and bitter – while the music radiates color, the lyrics are as black as the band name.

”Zoloft Manual” kicks off the album, showcasing the rich singing voice of frontman Jason Alexander Byers – Byers is formerly the vocalist of ’90s Cleveland band Disengage (releases on Man’s Ruin Records and other labels) and onAltered States of Death and Grace he croons, howls, and screams with a veteran’s conviction. Second track “I Got Scabies” begins as a hellbound highway rocker and ends with clanging Daydream Nation strums. “Lloyd Needs Meds” follows, slowing things down to heavy, transcendent White Album bliss, the sounds of eerie voices and sharpening knives buried in the haze. 

From start to finish, Altered States of Death and Grace is a supremely rocking album that traverses the whole spectrum but always keeps a foot in black.

“Black Black Black traffic in the kind of good-natured misanthropy of bands like Whores or KEN mode, but the musical gestures beneath the noisy exterior are all forward-charging, Kyuss-worshipping sludge n’ roll. It’s basically underground metal’s version of a radio banger.”

“Propelled by a lumbering guitar riff and heavily layered and sludgy chorus sections, the track perfectly identifies with the band’s ‘psyched-out desert rock meets big city darkness’ feel.”

“A jagged aesthetic somewhere between noise, sludge and heavy rock… The lyrical thematic draws out an overarching point of view, a single mindset, as though all the songs were written in a sole, deeply manic afternoon.”
–The Obelisk 

”[Black Black Black] takes the heavy rumble of neo-metal bands like Mastodon and Torche and then compresses it into a pop format… The earthquake is over just as soon as it started, but it was just as massive.”

Hailing from the far reaches of intergalactic Brooklyn, NY, Polygamyst is a cosmic and mystical marriage of waves, particles, forces and entities which gives rise to a new musical idiom which we call SPACE METAL.

“If you’ve ever watched a one-sided fight, then you know what Blackest sound like already- a brief, bloody pummeling that didn’t go on longer than it needed it. There was violence and then there was silence, and that’s the way it was meant to be.” — Metal Injection

“Is there something coded into the DNA of those modern day metalheads attracted to Brooklyn that inspires them to crank out tunes with such vigor, venom and vitriol? Or is it the scene itself which incubates and supports such talent, mixing it up and creating a toxic stew that’s a blend of all of its parts? Probably a little of both, but, frankly, we don’t really care all that much how it developed as long as it did, especially when it’s pumping out bands as tight and heavy as Blackest.” –
Venue Information:
Union Pool
484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Reopening Spring 2021!
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